Tattoos, for me, are not just to cover dull skin tones or trim the body’s contours with visual tricks. They also express your personality, your beliefs and the universe inside you. It is a presentation of both the tangible and abstract realms
對我而言,紋身就如同當你裸體時候的 “ 一件新衣 “ 。不止用來裝飾你乏味的皮膚色調、用視覺效果來修掩你身體的線條,更加表現你的個性、思想、內心的畫面,現實與抽象的表現。
As the designer and tailor I have to thoroughly understand my clients so they are able to express themselves through the forging of perfectly fitting compositions. These are highly personal creations, only the model and I truly comprehend this work. However if these pieces can evoke emotion and admiration in others this serves a higher purpose. They may then be categorized as unique, living works of art. My happiest moment is being able to share this with the world
身 為這一件 “ 新衣 “ 的設計師兼裁縫,要懂得主人的內外一切,為他/她表達,創造一件 “ 合身的新衣 “ ,只有你與牠才懂得這“ 新衣 “ ,當然,能夠贏得世間欣賞、認同,就更加賞心悅目,分享的心情更加來得寛‧愉。
Art facilitates the movement of abstract concepts into reality. Mediums for this have traditionally been inorganic matter, only tattoos are exhibited as permanent displays on the living bodies

The human body is perhaps the single most distinctive medium of all, every ‘canvas’ allowing for innovative portrayals. These works can only be carried when someone is ready to go through the process, dedicating a part of themselves. The physical body underneath the tattooed skin continues its daily function, its mandatory life-cycle. A person carries this art-skin out into the wider world – each becomes a living, moving exhibition. The art-skin can make its way from country to country and across the globe. This inspiring interaction between ink and the human body truly breathes life into this art form
藝術就是將抽象概念帶到現實當中,而一般藝術媒體向來都是死物,只有紋身是藉著活生生的人體永久性地呈現出來。每一件藝術材料本身就是獨一無二的,自願地為藝術接受痛楚、流血。藝術皮層底下每日不停地依照牠的循環工 作,人帶著這幅藝術皮膚表現於現實社會裡,來去自如,穿州過省。
Each piece changes, grows, ages and may eventually be buried with the body. For someone who genuinely appreciates the power of this art, in death, the tattoo should not remain subject to the mortal body. To separate this tattooed skin from the person allows the tattoo to be understood in its original form – as a work of art – a collectible that could be held for auction
墨水與身體之間奇妙的互動反應,為這件藝術品賜予現實中的生命,隨主人變型、老去、死亡、被埋葬。有心人為了拯救這件藝術品,會插手介入,將牠與人體分離,讓牠返回原有的身份: ”一件藝術品” ,讓人收藏、拍賣。”